TOTVS and Prophix Notable Customers

Innovative products that integrate seamlessly

Integrating Prophix Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software with leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) providers across various industries and continents is part of our vision in helping organizations around the world achieve sound business decisions.

TOTVS, the largest integrated management system developer in Latin America with customers throughout 39 countries, connects with Prophix to enhance their customers ability to use financial insights captured to uncover strategic decision drivers for short and long-term success.

Prophix and TOTVS collaborate to provide customers with:

  • Improved Budgeting Accuracy with Automated Financial Processes
  • Deeper Visibility into Future Plans with Rolling Forecasts and What-If Scenarios
  • Collaboration Among Departments with Workflow Processes and Approvals
  • Integrated Planning Creating Alignment for Strategic Decision Making


"The partnership with Prophix gives our customers the ability to use financial insights to make better and faster business decisions. In today’s competitive environment, that is the key to short- and long-term success."

Totvs Gilsinei Hansen, Chief Industry Applications Officer

Prophix Partners with TOTVS to Expand Latin America Presence
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