Prophix Software drives advanced user experience with recent product release

February 25, 2014

The new Prophix 11 SP1 release designed through collaborative customer dialogue

Prophix Software Inc., a leading developer of corporate performance management (CPM) software, today announced the availability of its latest software release, Prophix 11 SP1. This latest offering introduces Template Studio – Prophix 11’s newly designed reporting functionality allowing users to easily author and distribute comprehensive and visually stunning reports.

This release complements the release of Prophix Mobile and enhanced workflow capabilities issued in the initial 2013 release of Prophix 11.

“Although every future customer of Prophix will benefit from the enhanced reporting functionality,” explains Geoff Ng, Prophix’s Vice President of Product Planning, “this upgrade to Prophix 11 was driven in part by the enthusiasm our own customers have for the software.”

In 2011, Prophix launched its social feedback forum for customers and partners which became an immediate success.

Through the feedback forum, Prophix users from around the world can share their innovative case uses, as well as ideas for future product enhancements.

“Our goal is to have the greatest insight into our customer’s day-to-day experience with the product,” adds Ng. “We do work with industry experts to anticipate the future requirements we need from a product perspective, but we differentiate ourselves through a deep understanding of what it is like for our customers to use the product on a daily basis. Are there too many clicks? Can we automate a process not previously available? This is the valuable information we receive in the feedback forum and users can provide it in real time and at their convenience.”

The feedback forum allows Prophix users to post ideas for the software and other users can vote on its viability or provide further comments on the idea.

“What we quickly realize are patterns in these suggestions. We can see where some are applicable to a specific industry as well as ideas that would be beneficial to all users,” says Ng.

It was through the feedback forum that Prophix collaborated with its existing users to enhance its reporting functionality. Available in this release are pre-styled formats along with additional report creation tools. The new features will reduce report maintenance times – leaving users time for other duties.

The new functionality has been in beta testing with a small number of customers for several months.

According to Paul Vickers, Vice President, PARTEQ Innovations the new release offers “an intuitive design for building and maintaining reports for management. The new user interface also allowed my team to easily master the new capabilities, saving us valuable time.”

“Because CPM software has such a wide variety of applications, understanding how the product is used – even at the most granular level – is a key component of our product planning efforts,” says Ng. “With the feedback forum, we have entered into a unique partnership with our customers. We are collaborating to make the product better, faster and easier-to-use.”

Prophix 11 SP1 is available today. To learn more about Prophix 11 and Template Studio, go to .

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