No matter the size of the organization or the industry in which they operate, Prophix has enabled over 2600 companies to automate and integrate their budgeting, planning, forecasting, financial consolidation, and reporting activities.  What used to take weeks and months, involving multiple individuals, can be automated and reduced to a few minutes, leaving more time for analysis and iterative reforecasting.

With an easy to use point-and-click interface, business users oversee straightforward implementations to manage and master Prophix’s unified Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. The results are impressive. But don’t take our word for it…


Panariagroup uses software from Prophix to automate their core financial processes and to model their production planning at the detailed level, enabling them to make critical business decisions related to raw materials purchasing, inventory volumes, and utilization of resources.


Feeding America uses software from Prophix to automate and streamline its budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting, analysis, and project planning.



Floor & Decor uses software from Prophix to automate their budgeting, forecasting, and reporting, as well as conduct real-time analysis for the rollouts of their new store locations.



APAP’s Finance Department shed their reliance on spreadsheets by implementing software from Prophix. They now have an automated budgeting process, generate reports on-demand, and use their extra time for analysis and recommendations to the business’s leadership.



Senior Living Group’s Finance group uses Prophix’s software to automate core business processes, maximize resident occupancy and staff utilization in their 55 retirement homes, and achieve rapid growth.


Having learned about the benefits of using Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software, Solarcentury sought to do more than automate their reporting and their annual budgeting; they recognized that by building out the detailed analysis of their company’s information, they could make better business decisions and effectively revamp their long term strategic planning.



Interstates Companies moved beyond their reliance on spreadsheets and purchased corporate performance management (CPM) software from Prophix to automate their budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. Today, the organization also conducts a wide range of planning activities with Prophix, allowing them to answer important questions for their fast-growing business, to grow their profitability, and to increase their competitive advantage.



"Utilizamos o Prophix para elaborar e acompanhar o orçamento ao longo do ano. Nosso orçamento é extremamente detalhado e o software ajuda a reunir todas as informações e apresentar em uma única base, ferramentas para elaboração e acompanhamento orçamentário para todos. Esta integração de diversos número de dados foi o avanço que agilizou muito nossos processos. Nossa principal utilização do Prophix é para o orçamento anual da empresa. O Prophix oferece uma ótima integração de dados com o nosso ERP, excelente adaptabilidade pois podemos modelar os templates conforme a nossa necessidade, e fácil usabilidade permitindo descentralizar os dados da área da controladoria e ter demais usuários utilizando o sistema. Esses benefícios foram os motivos que nos levaram a escolha do Prophix."

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